Baltimore Whiskey Company Baltamaro Fernet Liqueur


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The Fernet style of amaro is distinctively bitter. Our Volume 1 is decidedly bitter. Wintergreen, rhubarb, and star-anise highlight this complex fernet-style amaro. Drink on the rocks with a twist or in your best cocktail.

Our lineup of amaro reflects the uncompromising quality and innovative energy that our customers have come to expect. Amaro is a spirit originating in the Amalfi coast of Italy, where it is traditionally consumed as an aperitif/digestif. Its medicinal, anesthetic qualities are paired with a varying degree of sweetness. The spirit is complex and bold. Due to the spirit’s robust and versatile character, amaro is now enjoyed around the world: Fernet and Coke is wildly popular in South America, for example, and Vermouth is a key component of the classic martini. Our lineup of bitter liqueurs is a great complement to any bar, at home or otherwise, both for having a neat dram and for satisfying a mixologist’s creative palate.

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